Getting the kinks out

 of my zipper pulls. Miranda suggested leaving a space, or small false picot, between the rings.  I gave that a try and they seem to be hanging without kinks in them now, though they still twist a bit.  

I really like how this one came out.  It’s made with gold plated 6 or  8 mm beads and a dragonfly charm;
 the thread is Lizbeth # 652 Royal Blue in size 20. Without the lanyard hook at the top it measures about 2.25 inches.  The only lanyard hooks I have are silver so that’s what I used.
This one is also made with the Royal Blue thread as that’s what I had on my shuttles.  I used gun metal seed beads and a silver butterfly bead at the end. I like this one except for the ring I put around that butterfly bead: I think I should have just threaded it like a bead and tied the ends off.   This zipper pull is about 4 inches long. 
Thanks, Miranda, for the suggestion!
I have several projects going on right now – I can’t seem to concentrate on one or another.   My mantra going forward needs to be “Focus, focus, focus!”
“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”
Abraham Lincoln

5 thoughts on “Getting the kinks out”

  1. To keep a line of split rings steady I always join them with very small picots. So before finishing each SR make a vsp before the last ds on each side. Join the next SR to those vsp's making another pair of vsp's before closing this SR as before. If anybody analysed my patterns they'd probably call me the 'Queen of the vsp's'!!! Hope this helps.

  2. I had meant to leave a comment on your prior post! I appreciated your mentioning my name, although I had forgotten that I made the suggestion! I'm so pleased the zipper pulls are working out for you. (It's funny that when I saw the photos of the hair accessories I really thought they WERE zipper pulls!) I've never thought of tatting them, though. Jackets and purses are great places to use them! You've come up with some neat designs, and with Miranda's tip, they should lay flat for you now. I'm sure you'll work it out!

    I have to admit I'm a tad envious of your travel adventures and your proximity to spectacular Western scenery! But I'm enjoying your photos and stories!

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