Blogger Mobile hates me

I’ve been trying to post for two days now on Blogger Mobile and it stops during the upload every time!!!  I finally got to a hot spot (though it’s very, very, slow) so I can let you know that I’m still here.
Just a little something I made trying to empty a couple of shuttles.  I’ve been so busy doing other things I haven’t gotten much else done except a few doodles emptying other shuttles. 
I’ll try again later this week to get a longer post in.  I have some really cool pictures of where I’ve been the last week I’d like to share.  But that will have to wait for a better Internet connection. 
Happy Tatting everyone!

6 thoughts on “Blogger Mobile hates me”

  1. Lovely little motif, nice to make something to use up thread, I fully understand what you are saying, I have been fighting the Greek connections for two weeks, that used to fall away as soon as I press publish, drove me insane and some of the comments I left never got printed. I hope you can a good connection to do your next post.

  2. Big hugs while you sort out the technical snafus, and know that your sparkling personality is missed.

    While normally I am not a big fan of tatting around buttons, I must say how much I DO like what you have done…and you were just emptying a few shuttles? Golly, if I had the design talent you have in your pinky finger….I would be in tatting design heaven!!! You are truly talented, Wanda.

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