Garage sale find

I don’t go to many garage sales, but my mother does. She goes garage saling almost every weekend.  You never know what you’re going to find at them – sometimes nothing worth bringing home, other times treasure!
(This picture was supposed to be landscape, but Blogger decided otherwise!)

My mother found the white shuttle in a box that was given away at the end of a sale because they didn’t want to have to take it back in the house.  They may not have even known what it was.  
I put it beside a clover shuttle to show the size.  I should have put it next to a Boye shuttle (found one in my stash after I took the picture) as it’s similar in shape and only about 1/4 inch shorter than a Boye. It’s smooth and light. As you can see it is extremely over loaded with thread, which looks to be size 80 in a variegated white/pink. The tips are together at both ends, so the over-loading has not damaged it yet. I tatted a quick ring with it and found it to tat quite nicely.  There are no markings on it to indicate a brand.  I also don’t think it is an antique.  But it is a really nice find! 
Thanks, Mom!
“A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.”  George Carlin

6 thoughts on “Garage sale find”

  1. …More proof that I just live in the wrong area to be me! >.< I've never even seen anything tatting-related at a yard sale or thrift store! Sure, when I used to visit them all of the time, I wouldn't have known what they were for, but I know me. I would have grabbed a shuttle just so I could find out what it was! -__- I think I'd faint if I found one now! 🙂

    Stephanie Grace

  2. Your mom rocks!

    I'm amazed the points haven't spread with that much thread on them! I've gotten some older shuttles from ebay thread purchases. Usually if they have thread on them, the thread is in sad shape. But the same thread still in balls are still good. I have no idea why

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