Country Fair Results and…Aliens?

I entered two tatted items in the local county fair, my Antique Motif Doily and a Heart’s Honor bookmark. I was so excited about the results of the doily I completely forgot to take a picture of the bookmark! I was the only one that entered tatting but it’s in the crochet class, so that means I won grand champion over any crochet that was entered as well. I’m just a little happy about it *bouncing up and down*. My bookmark got a blue (1st place), so I’m pretty happy about that, too. Just because you are the only entry in a category it doesn’t mean they have to give you a ribbon if they don’t think an item is done well enough. It still would be nice to have more tatting there.

I also entered a picture in the photography class for the first time ever. There are a lot of people who enter their pictures so the competition is tougher, but this one turned out so well I thought “why not?” It is a picture of the grandsons, taken this July.

I was pleasantly surprised to get a third place on it.
I’ve been playing around with this little motif, trying several different things. I did a split chain on it and realized I haven’t used it hardly at all, so am not very proficient with it. I also tried adding some beads, which meant I had to change the stitch count, which in turn made it look different yet. I showed it to my husband, who commented that it looked like a spaceship.
Hmmm, I can see that…
I enjoyed a glass of sweet, iced Vanilla Rooibos tea this morning, though not while I was tatting. I did get a bit of that in, too, just a little later.
I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Tatting Tea Tuesday.
“Winning isn’t always finishing first. Sometimes winning is just finishing.”
Manuel Diotte

9 thoughts on “Country Fair Results and…Aliens?”


    You should have a link back to your post in October where you first showed us this AMAZING work of art, based on a 1909(!) pattern, and the description of how you modified it for today's methods! I got kind of lightheaded reading how you cleverly adapted it. Just brilliant!

    I wish the judges had been able to read the description of the doily, but even without it they realized the SIGNIFICANCE of this amazing piece! It is thrilling that you triumphed over all the crocheted entries!!! I'm just all goosebumply over this!

    And how great you won the Blue for your marvelous bookmark! Did they realize you also designed it?

    Also an 'excellent' photo of the grandkids! You are one talented lady!

  2. Your doily is beautiful – congrats on that purple ribbon! And a blue on your own design – that has to feel good.

    It would be nice to see more tatting at our fair too, but I guess we can just be happy that we are putting it out there!

    I've tried to enter in the photo categories too – there's a LOT of competition there. Congrats on your ribbon there too – cute photo!

    No tea for me today – but your Vanilla Rooibos sounds good.


  3. Hooray! What an accomplishment! Your Antique Mat certainly deserved that big purple ribbon. As for Heart's Honor: That's one mighty-fine bookmark — I entered one in our county fair and it got a first place ribbon as well. Thanks for a great pattern!

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