Designing Practice

This week I sat down at the computer and tried drawing an idea I have.
I’m getting much better at it. Each time things come a little easier. Some of the things I learned in the Design-Tat class suddenly comes clear. I have these “A-ha!” moments as I’m working, as what was in our lessons finally make sense.
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This is a mini bookmark done as a sample to see how well I could tat the drawing I made. There are a couple of things I plan on changing, but overall I very happy with it. I’ll have to try a full-length version next.

I’ve also been working on diagramming the heart bookmark. It’s coming along very well. I’m at the really hard part of it – adding the stitch counts and notations for ring directions and such. I’ve never thought so much about the placement of such notations before! It’s a bit more complicated than Elcie was.

For Tatting Tea Tuesday I had a glass of iced Peppermint tea as the temperatures have decided to be summer-like, as in, hot! It was okay, but not as good as it is hot. Of course it might have something to do with me cutting down on my sugar. I’ve gotten used to hot tea with less sugar but iced tea should have lots! No, I’m not from the south and here in Kansas the restaurants have just recently started advertising they have sweet tea. But I grew up with it. My dad and his family always drank sweet tea and that’s what I expect. Trying to cut back on sugar doesn’t mean I don’t add sugar, just a lot less. I’ll see if I can keep it up.

“Do you really think God wants us to live a vanilla-bland life when He’s made a thirty-one flavors world? God wants us to color our world with rainbow colors and Willy Wonka flavors. Sure, playing it safe can make things easier (and duller), but branching out – even a little – can make life fuller (and more fun).” Rachel St. John-Gilbert

8 thoughts on “Designing Practice”

  1. I really like this design and you can do a lot with it besides just bookmarks.

    We always sweetened our tea, but I've never liked it too sweet. Some people think mine is unsweetened, but it's not. It's perfect for me!

    It's very hot and muggy here today – a complete turnaround from yesterday.

  2. Your design is so pretty! I'm still not sure what program people use though to help out. My drawings always end up disproportionate haha.

  3. WOW! Your drawing is superlative. Beautiful designs.

    I am envious as I cannot seem to buckle down and draw on the programme. I get all antsy and frustrated within seconds!

    It just is not for everyone, I suppose. * sigh*

    I am filled with admiration as I admire your work!
    Fox : )

  4. Your work with the design program is really outstanding and the lace (both designs) sublime! My heart skips a beat and my fingers reach out to touch the lace, it is so pretty. Love the graceful lines. Go, Wanda, go!

  5. You are off to a good start. Well done! The bookmark is looking good.

    From experience, I usually make three or four re-tats before I am satisfied with a new design that I am trying out. For each re-tat, there will be small changes that I make, usually to the size of the ring or the length of the chain but seldom to the basic design itself.

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