Trying to find a heart

A few weeks ago in February, I posted a picture of a heart I was working on. Even on my ‘Trial and Error’ bookmark I have a nice start of one. Then our homework for the Design-Tat class was to make one. I worked on it but then realized I had done the homework incorrectly. My work was not a complete loss as I got a lot of practice with diagramming what I was playing with, but now I have to start over on that. The hearts I came up with aren’t all that heart-shaped so maybe it’s good that I have to start over. But I thought I would share what I did as it’s almost all of the tatting I got done all week.

(I missed the picture the first time, lets try again)

Start with this…

Try #1

Try #2

Try #3

Anyone who’s taken Sharon’s course will know what I’ve been trying to do. Okay, doing wrong. I know what I need to do, now, and will get back on course.

I say I’ll get back to it but it might be a few days. I have three other tatting projects I need to get done as they are for other people. Ryan is done but not mounted yet. I’ve started my sister’s doily/runner but have a long way to go. And I have a piece I want to do for my daughter’s baby shower. I don’t usually have this many active projects going on at a time. I need to quit playing around and get on with them! (pep talk to myself). Maybe I’ll have more to show next week.

“Many fine things can be done in a day if you don’t always make that day tomorrow”

9 thoughts on “Trying to find a heart”

  1. The top one, as it is, makes a very pretty triange motif.

    Now, start with that same design, make the picots a bit smaller on those top two rings, and turn one of them into a split ring. This will allow you to climb up and add another row at the top to make the "shoulders" of the heart.

  2. I must have missed something here… What exactly were you trying to do? Add more space in the second one where it needed rings? I am scratching my head, feeling rather foolish, but I am not getting it! The last one looks good!
    Fox : 0

  3. Miranda has made an excellent suggestion. I was going to say the same thing she did about transforming your snowflake into a triangle.

    Changing the overall shape is the hardest part and you accomplished it on the first go. Well done!

    If the lesson doesn't limit you to two rounds, then take your triangle and build on it with a climb-out round as Miranda suggests.

    From what I see, you haven't done the homework incorrectly at all. (And I am the poster-tatter for doing Design_Tat lessons wrong, LOL!) Your design process is flowing and you have different directions you can take. This is VERY good work.

  4. Oh, I see! Love the motif at the top – even if it isn't a heart…

    I had absolutely forgotten there was more to the course!

    Went to get the next lesson after I read your post and could not download it! I will now try again. It looks daunting…
    Fox : 0

  5. I think I know where you are going but I think Fox and Miranda have given you the same advice I would have done.

    The top motif is lovely,

    Doing to many projects at one time, I know where you are and nothing really gets done. keep forcus you will get then finished.

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