Dragon sighting

This little guy flew in on the Arctic wind blast that gusted in yesterday. My boss thinks he’s an Ice Dragon due to his coloration. I haven’t gotten much out of this small dragon, mainly his name, which he says is Jarek. He does seem to be attracted to my earrings that I had laid on the table – they don’t look too shiny here but the picture doesn’t do them justice.

When he first arrived he and I had a few problems. He twisted and turned and generally was a bit of a pain and wouldn’t lay down, making me feel quite ambisinister. He finally settled down a bit when he saw my earrings. He looks to be a Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon, in shades just like Lizbeth #142 Turquoise Twist, as described and patterned by Anne Bruvold, though I haven’t seen his type described yet. While trying to get information of where he’s from he indicated that there may be one or two more dragons flying in soon. How exciting!

Something not quite as exciting, but definitely intriguing, is Jane’s TIAS. I still have absolutely no idea what it might be. I think Isdihara’s suggestion to it being a skink is the closest so far, but that thought may easily be changed as we get closer to the end.

My version of the TIAS through day 7

I’m sure there are lot of you out there that are being effected by the really nasty, cold, icy, snowy weather that’s happening on the eastern half of the United States. Here in Kansas, in the middle (where I am) we didn’t get much in the way of ice and only a little snow, but the wind and cold are definitely letting us know it’s winter. At 2:30 PM it’s 7Β° F, wind gusts up to 44 miles per hour, creating a wind chill of -13Β° F: translates into, it’s cold! I know there are places that have it much worse and/or will be getting it much worse, but it’s still cold! Good news, my boss called a little bit ago to let me know they canceled work tonight – yeah! I don’t have to get out in this! Whoopee!

I’m enjoying multiple cups of hot tea this Tatting Tea Tuesday, which are definitely helping me enjoy being inside instead of out! Now that my day has opened up I’m hoping to entice a few more dragons inside. Do you think if I raid my jewelry box they might show up faster?

“The Lenox Globe (in the collection of the New York Public Library) bears the phrase ‘HC SVNT DRACONES’ (i.e. ‘ hic sunt dracones ‘) on the eastern coast of Asia,
‘Here Be Dragons!’, they warned “.
taken from draconian.com

7 thoughts on “Dragon sighting”

  1. Nice work on the dragon – I still haven't started one, but it's on my list of things to tat. I love the color!

    Lucky you with work canceled – brrr! I only remember my kids having school canceled when the actual temperature (not wind chill) was -40 something. Stay warm, drink tea and tat πŸ™‚

  2. Jarek looks fierce and flame-y with petrifying eyes. And more are soon to come? (Are Norwegian dragons distant cousins to magpies or crows? Or vice verse?)

    He looks great! What thread did you use? Is it Peacock Blues?

  3. Isdihara, I don't know the genealogy of dragons enough to know if they are related, I'll have to do some research. No, it's Lizbeth 142, Turquoise Twist, size 20. I haven't yet ordered any of the Peacock Blues but that's coming soon. I'm currently planning another order to Handy Hands and that will definitely going to be in it!

    Thanks, Cindy. I've been wanting to do one for quite awhile.
    We aren't used to weather quite this cold so aren't really setup to deal with it, so better safe than sorry. I think one of the main reasons they canceled work was because they figured there would be a lot of people that wouldn't come in. Whatever caused their decision, we weren't planning on going anyway. Saves us from using vacation for this.

  4. Lovely dragon, and great colour, I brought this thread before christmas but have not used it yet. What a bit of luck not having to go to work tonight, I hope you keep warm and the snow keeps away. whatever you get over the pond we get in the UK, so not looking forward to more snow as we have had our fill of it so far this winter.
    take care

  5. Wow Jarek is amazing. I hope he has a few other family members that decide to stop for a while. (PS Collin loves him)

    I think I just got that color that you used on Jarek! Time for a new order as well πŸ™‚

    Your TIAS is looking very nice as well. I still can't figure out what its going to be yet. I keep following the post and print them daily!

    I hope you were able to stay warm, we got the snow and ice over the last 2 days πŸ™

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