TIAS, Test tatting and Trying something new

On this Tatting Tea Tuesday the TTT could stand for this week’s tittle – I put a lot of T’s up there! I’ve let my housekeeping laps a bit so I can do other things – terrible of me, I know. Today as I ignore my chores again I’m drinking Vanilla Rooibos tea and writing this.

TIAS day 5 2011

Jane has posted up to day 5 of the 2011 TIAS and I’m still right in there with ’em! Yea! I still have no idea what it’s going to be, I don’t even know if this is right side up or if whatever-it-is is standing on it’s head ☺. There have been some really cute guesses so far, but Jane still isn’t telling.

This week I tatted a couple more motifs designed by my classmates in the Design-Tat class. This one is by Nina Libin. I liked it in the white she made it in and really liked it when I made it in two colors. The two colors change the look, letting you see the flow of the pattern more clearly. Sharon suggests that we design in white or a light color but then seeing how color can change our patterns is fun, too!

Design Β© 2010 Nina Libin

As I’m going through this class I’m learning how much goes into writing the patterns, how to write the pattern to explain to all who read it what each step needs to be to get the same results I did when it was designed. We’re writing them out in long form, in short form and then diagramming them. Each type of pattern writing has it’s good points and bad points, and some are easier to do than others. After reading patterns of classmates, how they have written their patterns, I’m looking at my own pattern writing more critically, seeing how they phrased things to make themselves understood and asking myself “have I accomplished that?”

In a Christmas swap this year I was given a Nifty Knitter by Tabatha. It’s a round plastic loom with pegs that you wrap yarn around. It comes with a tool that’s got a hook which is not nearly as small as a crochet hook and not bent as far, more like a 90 degree bend. You use this tool to catch one wrapping of thread on a peg and pull it over the top wrapping on the same peg. Okay, it’s easier done than said. So in the last couple of weeks I’ve given it a try and found it’s rather fun, and very easy. These looms come in several sizes; small, medium, large and extra large. I was given the smallest loom that makes hats small enough for infants and with it I was able to make two small hats.
Hats done with the Niffty Knitter

Many ages ago I learned the basic stitch of knitting in school. So that no-one had to spend money on something that may never be used again the class used sharpened pencils as knitting needles. And, yes, the pencils marked the yarn a bit but we didn’t care. It was a cheap way to learn and we had fun – who wouldn’t want to do something like this a few times during school instead of math or English or such? But that is as far as I ever went with it, a pot holder or two (it was a good thing we didn’t have to pay for knitting needles!). I never thought I’d make anything like a hat. I feel so accomplished!

If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right. – Bob Basso

8 thoughts on “TIAS, Test tatting and Trying something new”

  1. Lovely pattern by Nina. Pretty colour choices by you!

    I CANNOT imagine knitting with pencils! I guess as a kid, it wouldn't have bothered me, but ooh the thought!

    Fox : )

  2. Your TTT post today is chock-full of great stuff! Love your test-tatted version of Nina's motif.

    It has flowing lines and is soothing to the eye. And it maintains a round shape when most motifs with four connection points turn out square. Do you think it will also work up well in multiples like your motif did?

    As for T.I.A.S., it seems to me shaping up to be…oh golly, I don't know either! I was hoping for a shark or other sea creature. Right now my best guess is a bent pogo stick. The guessing is half the fun!

    And last but cutest EVER are those baby hats. Will you be adding tatted decorations to them?

  3. I really love all the designs I'm seeing from the Design-Tat class! This must be the best class ever πŸ™‚ It is interesting what all goes into a good pattern – some are harder to follow than others.

    You are busy! I don't even want to learn to knit – I have enough hobbies already πŸ™‚ I trade housework for hobbies too – and I don't feel a bit guilty!

  4. I can't wait to see what your TIAS turns out to be.

    The pattern that you tested for Nina is just too cute. I love it πŸ™‚

    I am so glad that you tried the Nifty Knitter Loom that I sent. The hats look good as well. There is all kinds of books out there to do more!

    Wow learning how to knit on unused pencils. That had to be difficult…

  5. I love your motif and what pretty colours they look so lovely its amazing how colour can change the whole design.
    Yes I am with you there on Day 5 still no idea, one of my followers suggested a flower but has now changed her mind. Only half way I am dying to know what it is.
    I learnt to knit when I was three and on plastic childrens needles, I still knit and now do lace knitting on sizes 14, and I have done some for a dolls house on size 18. we worked out that I have been knitting 55 years this year. I have no idea how you would knit on pencils the wool must get very dirty.

  6. Thank you, all, for the nice comments about Nina's motif. It's a very nice pattern – I've done my second one already!

    Learning to knit with sharpened pencils today would probably be considered a no-no at school – do you think they would allow regular knitting needles in a public school now? – but I remember we had fun. And our hot pads were a bit on the dark side from the lead pencil tips – we were kids, it didn't bother us.

    Isdihara and Margarets, the TIAS is fun. As you say, guessing is just a part of that

    I can't say that I was planning to learn to knit, Cindy, but Tabatha was nice enough to send it to me I thought I should try. And I do have a couple of grandchildren, it might be nice to make a few hats. And, yes, Isdihara, I was thinking about adding a little tatting to them. But one thing at a time:-)

    Tabatha, I didn't know there were books with more patterns for the Niffy Knitter but that does make sense. For the moment I think I'll just stick to hats. I have to get through the design class before I get too carried away with other things!

    I'm glad you both like the hats God's Kid and Suztats. Me, too!

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