I’m a little slow getting this Tatting Tea Tuesday post going, but I’ve definitely been drinking tea – lots and lots of plain ol’ green tea. Hot tea has a soothing effect on my sore throat. Yes, I have the dreaded cold. It’s hard to get motivated, or even get my brain to concentrate on anything. Not that there hasn’t been tatting, just slowly, and some by others.

Others, as in Wendy from Umi & Tsuru and Fox from tat-ology. Both volunteered to tat my Design-Tat homework motif “Elcie”. Check these out:

“Elcie” tatted by Wendy with long picots. Quite a different look.

And “Elcie” tatted by Wendy with shorter picots.

This is how Fox tatted it. Isn’t it nice in red?

What is kind of funny is I had just finished tatting Fox’s “Abigail” when she sent me the picture of “Elcie”. So I had to show Fox how I had done her “Abigail”
“Abigail” design by Fox
tatted by Wanda

In Red! πŸ™‚

Thank you both for testing out the pattern for me!

The only other thing I’ve done this last week is this bookmark. It is suggested practice of crossed picots from “Advanced Tatting Patterns +” by Judi Banashek. I definitely need to work on them! Its done in Lizbeth #142 in size 20.

Well, that’s all folks! It has taken me all day to write this much. Hopefully I’ll feel better next week and do a little better job.

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  1. I hope your cold is a bit better, beautiful tatting and lovely motif, they all look lovely, I saw Fox's yesterday and the red was a definate colour showing the motif off beautifully.

    Your piece is gorgeous and I have not seen cross over picots before, may I ask where you got the pattern from.
    take care

  2. It's fascinating to see how different a motif can look with longer picots. Wendy did a nice job! Your design is one of those 'instant classics' that will be among everyone's favorite tatting patterns. I'm envisioning a book of your designs in the future!

    It's also amazing how you and Fox both used red thread for each other's motifs.

    So sorry to hear about your cold. Don't be surprised if it hangs on for two weeks or more. Both DH and I came down with it in December and it pretty much put a damper on the holidays. At least we're retired and could just ride it out.

  3. I love how each of the same pattern tatted is different! And the longer picots almost give a crystal like effect to the first one.
    And your bookmark is so neat looking! I haven't seen anything like it. πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments.

    I'm glad you found the book Margarets. This bookmark is actually the first thing I've made out of it though I've had the book for years. I've looked through it just not done anything until now.

    Kathy, I, too, was amazed at how different those long picots made it look – good though! It's great for me to see it made by different people. I am finally feeling better – I'm not coughing quite so much, yeah!

    Yes, Fox, it took a bit of concentration to do that bookmark. Next time I think I'll use a picot gauge to make those long picots a bit more regular.

    I agree, God's Kid, it does look kind of crystal-like. I've seen a few pieces with crossed picots but this is the first time I tried one.

    I agree, Tattingrid, Wendy did a fabulous job!

  5. Excuse me for being late reading this post. All the tatting are lovely. I feel I need to make a correction on Fox's comment. I did not play any part in creating these beautiful pieces, unless I am being presumptious and there may be another 'Jon' somewhere else in Tatland. I think Fox may have meant to credit Wendy for the 'Elcie'.

    I have not come across the Judi Banashek bookmark before and I love the play with the long picot. You have shown it very well.

  6. Louine, I'm still fine tuning the pattern but I plan on posting it when it's done. Hopefully it will be in the next few weeks. I'm very happy that you like it. I'd love to see it if you make it.

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