It’s white all over

Snowman and snowflakes, all in white, at least inside my house. (No snow on the ground here, and I can live with that.) Working all in white is what I’ve been doing all week. The cute snowman is something I saw on line and decided I just had to try. It’s made from an old, inside-out sock (it was washed!). I gifted it to one of my grandsons yesterday. Well, actually, I gave it to his mother to put out on a shelf for decoration because my grandson really liked it when he saw me working on it the other day. I had to do a few things a little different than the directions called for, but I think it turned out well.

The snowflakes are ones I’ve come up with this last week trying to decide what I wanted for my 2010 Christmas card snowflake. After making all of these I’ve decided the one I will consider this year’s snowflake is the one at the top right.

Speaking of snowflakes, did you see what Kathy did with one? She hung it from the inside a clear plastic ball ornament. It looks great! I’ve got to try this. I know I had some clear glass ornaments somewhere but I can’t find them. If I don’t find them I’m going to go get some! I just love this look. Great idea, Kathy!

Today for Tatting Tea Tuesday I’m enjoying a cup of Raspberry Royale tea, a gift from my Advent swap partner on Ravelry. I wasn’t sure I’d like it because I’m not that fond of the taste of raspberry, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s pretty good: ) In the spirit of TTT I’m trying a new technique (to me) I saw online yesterday. Who knows, if I really like this, and I can do it, my snowflake for the year may change.

For my Advent gift today my partner sent me a cute little crocheted stocking for the tree and a ball of hand-dyed thread from Crochet 4 U 2 Dye 4 in “Mistletoe”, size 20. I’m looking forward to using it. Isn’t she the sweetest swap partner ever?

I hope you are taking the time to enjoy the season, without getting too stressed. Take a few minutes for yourself, have a cup of tea and tat a few minutes this week – a gift to yourself.

7 thoughts on “It’s white all over”

  1. I love your snowman and snowflakes! I haven't gotten as many tatted snowflakes as I had planned done 🙁

    Unfortunately, we have a lot of snow OUTSIDE here in Minnesota, and the big news is the collapsed football dome. Blah. I'm already tired of the frozen type snowflakes!

  2. You must be busy every minute of the day! And, of course you WOULD select the snowflake that will take the most time – with all those picots! LOL! Very pretty!

    The snowman is so cute. I have a knitted snowman that looks like that, but he's in a box in the garage, and it's too cold to go there right now! I usually don't get all my decorations up until a few days before Christmas! My tree is finally in the living room after bringing it home from our two Christmas events. It's fun to have it seen by so many people!

    Thanks for mentioning my blog post! Sharon's snowflake works well because it doesn't have 'spokes' and the Lizbeth thread doesn't need to be stiffened! So it's a combination of the right pattern and the right thread!

  3. Brilliant Snowman, does not look as if he's made from a sock, Lovely snowflakes,

    We dont have any snow here in somerset UK yet but we may have some by the weekend as the forecast for the UK is bad with a lot of snow.
    Happy Crafting

  4. Wow, your flash flurry looks fantastic surrounding that cute little Frosty. So fresh and fluffy.

    How do you do it? I only have two snowflakes complete, and a partial Christmas camel. Your shuttles must fly faster than the Concorde. (Remember that jet?)

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