The Hatband is Done! TTT 6/29/2010

Yea! The hatband is done! It’s attached to the hat and everything!

This isn’t exactly how I envisioned it on the hat. The white band was to be smaller, not as wide. But when the material was cut and shaped to fit the hat a narrower band was just not going to work, so wide it is. In excitement to get it done (and lack of practice and knowledge) the band has slightly uneven edges. And the tatting would not win any awards. Looking at the finished piece there are quite a few places that don’t really look all that great. I’m still excited about it and I’m going to wear it anyway!!! For at 50 paces no-one will notice it’s not great! LOL! Hopefully there will be no losing the hat where someone might pick it up, so no-one should see it very closely but me!

My tea today was plain ol’ green tea. It was not actually consumed while the tatting was being done though. Tatting time was mostly in the wee hours of the morning and drinking too much of anything before bed is not wise. There was this idea playing around in my head that I just had to see if it would work, so bed was a little later than it should have been! Then there were a few minutes here and there during the day while waiting in the doctor’s office and tea was not available. But the little idea is looking pretty good! I’ll share it in another post.

Until then, may you all have a blessed week with a little time for tatting and tea.

10 thoughts on “The Hatband is Done! TTT 6/29/2010”

  1. Well, I think your hatband looks marvelous (was the photo taken at 50 paces?) — Just kidding!

    Your photo is quite fetching as well. Love how the wheat draws you stright in to the hatband. The patriotic fabric is a perfect touch. Great image!

    Have a wonderful Independence Day holiday!

  2. I LOVE THAT HAT! It looks GREAT! We are our own toughest critics don't you think? I also like your picture – very patriotic. I grew up in Oklahoma. It has been a LONG time since I have gotten to see a field of waving wheat!
    🙂 Ann

  3. Thank you, Ann! Yes, we are, because as we've made it (what ever "it" is) we see every imperfection. But it's the over-all effect when it's done that's important, and I like the end result of the hat LOL!
    The wheat field outside our house isn't ours, but I can enjoy it in all it's phases just by looking out my front door. Pretty nice view!

    I didn't pace it off, Isdihara, but it wouldn't matter – my camera has zoom! But I thought the hat came out just fine and the picture worked well. I had fun trying to come up with just the right arrangement.
    You have a wonderful Independence Day, too!

  4. The hat? Marvellous!

    Now I want a straw hat too, and am going to copy your terrific idea, but in different colours. Thanks for the inspiration!

    When I was in NYC I saw a ton of hats like this on the street, very inexpensive as well, but I did not think of your band. Foolish me!
    Fox : )

  5. Thanks, agasunset. And the hat looks good on my head, too! LOL!

    Happy 4th to you, too, Happy Bluebird.

    I'll be looking for what you do with your hat Fox!

    I don't know about too hard, LadyDoc, but it doesn't keep me from wearing it!!!

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