Tatting Tea Tuesday in Red, White and Blue

On this hot Tatting Tea Tuesday I had my tea iced! It’s a sweltering 94 d F with a heat index of 101, making it a good day to stay inside. If I could have I would have stayed home so I didn’t get out any more, but that was not to be. But I’m not working outside, thank goodness!

As I mentioned last week I’m taking a short break from my doily to work on another project. It needs to be done before we go on vacation! And as it’s getting close to Independence Day I thought I’d do this project in patriotic colors. This is going to be the hatband on a floppy brimmed hat and it’s about half done. As you can see the ends have not yet been trimmed. I like to leave those until I’m done and then go around and trim them all off. I’ve always thought that the most aggressive handling of a piece is usually in it’s construction and if an end is going to have trouble, this is when it will happen. By leaving them all to the last I can check all my ends as I finish the piece when I cut the threads. I’m calling this motif #7 of the 25 Motif Challenge, even if it’s not quite done.

These stars are done in size 20 thread; Hakelgarn color 2011 (red) and Manuela color 019 (blue). I am trying to get this done pretty quickly so I’m not using LHP joins. As this is going to be permanently attached to material or a ribbon the back won’t be seen, so those pesky little color spots will remain hidden and unremarked. (If you wonder what I mean by LHP joins I spoke about learning to use them in this post and directions on how to do them are here.) I think this troop of stars will look great on my hat. I’m pretty excited about it : )) I hope to have it done by next week, mounted on the hat and everything. Done or not, I’ll try to have a picture.

The wheat in the picture is from the field outside our house. They’ve already started cutting the fields close by and this field could be cut at any time. We actually came home from work yesterday and were surprised that it hadn’t been cut. This is what it looks like today. Any time now it will be much shorter.

Take some time for yourself with a little tea and tatting, and may all of you have a blessed week.

7 thoughts on “Tatting Tea Tuesday in Red, White and Blue”

  1. If that great photo of the wheat field doesn't say "Kansas", what does ??? 🙂
    That's quite a vista you have there!

    I love those stars! I knew before I clicked into your blog that the hat was for the 4th of July!!! It's that 'Patriotic' time of year, and I know how much you enjoy it.

    I enjoyed seeing the photos of your kittys. They seem to enjoy being together, which doesn't always happen!

  2. I love the hatband – will be watching for the finished photo! Hope you have a very enjoyable vacation.

    Ooof – 94. We've had some hot/humid weather here too, and thunderstorms tonite. Thank heavens the hail missed us. This time, anyway!

  3. Thanks, Fox. I love it when the wheat is at this stage. It just doesn't last very long. I'm hoping to get the hat done very soon!

    Thank you, agasunset.

    Yes, Kathy, it's nice to have a field like that for a neighbor, LOL. Aww, how'd you know? Yes, this time of year came by, I needed a little something, and red, white & blue just immediately came to mind! Mostly thee kitties get along. Usually it's peaceful with them around (until they unroll a ball of thread or something!)

    I hoping to have the hatband done this weekend, Happy Bluebird, and pictures taken. We're really looking forward to the vacation!!!! I've been seeing that we've missing some storms, the ones that headed your way. We've been blessed as well, nothing serious where we live, either. Hoping it stays that way!

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