Doily Restart and Blogging Buddies

Good morning this Tatting Tea Tuesday! It’s a good day – the sun has come out! Yea!!

It has been raining here the last few days, but only about 4 -5 inches instead of the 10 inches they had in Oklahoma City a few days ago. And not as much as a few other places here in Kansas. And now it looks like we have a chance for a few days without rain – maybe. Now it’s just hot and muggy.

I’ve re-started on my doily, this time in Lizbeth Springtime and black, both in size 20. This is as far as it’s gotten after starting it last week. I haven’t taken a lot of time to tat lately. I did finish the round this morning – the tatting part of this Tuesday, while drinking my favorite mint tea. I may have to put off working on this for a little while as there’s another project that needs to be done in a short amount of time. I’ll share that when I have some progress to report on. But I do like the look of this so far.

I thought I’d share a picture of my blogging buddies. And tatting buddies. And TV watching buddies – pretty much when I sit down in my chair buddies. Cat 1 is on the arm and Cat 2 is on the seat beside me. They’d both be on my lap if I let them.

Looking forward to doing a little more tatting this week – I can hope!

13 thoughts on “Doily Restart and Blogging Buddies”

  1. Well, Sewicked, they mostly just oversee my tatting. And get their hair into as much as possible!

    I have, too, Eliz. I'm looking forward to seeing a few more rounds and how it will look then.

    Thanks, BSOTF. I'm pretty partial to my buddies, too!

    It's amazing what that black does for this color way. Totally agree with you there, Typs Tatting. The cats are sweet and somewhat spoiled 🙂

  2. That piece is going to be pretty!

    Your two buddies are fabbo! The one on the arm of the chair looks huge! He (?) reminds me of my old cat that weighed some nineteen pounds! I still miss him, ten years later!

    My wonderful companion is sitting over my shoulder on the back of the couch watching me type and not to pleased about the previous sentence! LOL!
    Fox : )

  3. Ooh, loved this post! Your round one looks just FAB! Springtime and Black make a striking combination.

    Did you know that Springtime was Handy Hands' most popular variegated color? (That tidbit came as a bit of a surprise to me…I thought it would have been Caribbean…but I digress.)

    So that's your tatting and blogging (and anything else you do when you sit down) secret! Two cuddly helpers!

    Thunder is rolling in…storms today…better cut this short.

    Thanks for joining in the TTT fun! I always enjoy your posts – they are such a pleasure!

  4. Maureen, glad you stopped by. I don't know what ginger cat's are supposed to be, but both my cats are female, verified when they were 'fixed':) The doily I'm doing is one of my patterns which I shared for the first time in my May 11 post.

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