Tatting Tea Tuesday and the Olympics 2/23/10

Welcome to a wintry Tatting Tea Tuesday. For those that commented last week that there didn’t seem to be snow here – in the vein of ‘misery, loves company’? – we now have snow – and ice. Saturday and Saturday night we had freezing rain in our area. Other places in Kansas had more snow but we only had a little on top of the ice. It’s sunny today and a little warmer so we’ve been listening to the ice falling off the roof and the trees. The sad news is that at least five people in the state died in traffic accidents due to the weather. We didn’t get out of the house at all Sunday and watched the traffic on the road go by very slowly.

What we did do this weekend is watch the Olympics. We have watched a lot of it this year. Skiing, ice dancing and curling the most.

Curling. I’ve heard of it before but I’d never watched any. It’s kind of interesting though I still don’t understand it, really. The Americans have not done well in it this year with both the men and the women being eliminated already. But it was interesting watching.

If we watch the winter Olympics we’ve usually watched the figure skating. This year we’ve actually watched the ice dancing. It’s very beautiful. They had some fantastic dances, with some very high scoring (so they tell us). One of the American teams won silver, while a Canadian team won gold. Wow! For not having jumps and throws it was fun to watch.

It’s amazing to me what people can do on skis. Those jumps! Those moves! It seems a lot of them were skiing with injuries or just getting over injuries. I’m way to much of a wimp to understand how and why they would go to such extremes, but it makes for some fascinating viewing. I’m in awe of all the these athletes.

Here on the home front my husband has the dreaded cold. I’m trying very hard to not catch it from him, washing hands a lot, drinking orange juice and taking my vitamins. I’d like very much not to share this with him.

Hopefully I’ll have some tatting to share next week. Not taking any bets, though.

4 thoughts on “Tatting Tea Tuesday and the Olympics 2/23/10”

  1. I'm sorry to hear you did get snow and ice. It seems as though very few escaped it this year. Some clever residents in Pittsburgh built a 25-FOOT snowman(!), then decorated him with a gold medal around his neck and the Olympic rings on his body! It's on the internet if you Google "Pittsburgh Olympic Snowman"!

    I love watching the ice dancing, too. It apparently wasn't in the Olympics until 1976, then Torvill and Dean put it on the map in 1984 with their 'Bolero' routine. Although the freestyle dances are amazing, I still like the 'compulsory dances', when they skate the 'old-fashioned' way!

  2. Your post today reminded me that I had intended to tat Olympic rings (I found a pattern in one of my old Workbasket magazines.) and blog about the Olympics at least once before the closing ceremonies. *sigh* It didn't happen.

    Your Olympic post made me wish I had watched more of the events. I love watching that crazy curling. And, of all things, luge!

    Thanks for your post today. I really enjoyed reading it. Stay warm and dry until the weather improves!

  3. Love your "Olympic Rings" so cute! The olympics always seem to make everyone stop an watch, don't they? Glad you've been able to enjoy them while they were on.
    Happy Tatting,
    ~TattingChic ♥

  4. I checked out that snowman, Kathy. Wow! They must have a lot of community spirit.

    Once upon a time, Isdihara, I saw those Olympic rings in a Workbasket, but I've never made them. And we did watch curling for the first time. I guess we're in the wrong area to get real excited about like we saw the Canadians and some of the other countries. We watched some of the luge, too. It was what was on at the times we were watching.

    Thanks, TattingChic. It was a spur-of-the-moment idea that came out kinda cute.

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