First Tatting Tea Tuesday of 2010

“It was a cold and stormy night…”

Okay, it was a cold and cloudy day, this first Tatting Tea Tuesday of the year. And it’s supposed to get much colder. Those of you north of here already have it worse. I hear the high in Omaha, Nebraska was -5 yesterday. Brrrr! I need a cup of hot tea just thinking about it!

For today’s tatting I sat down with a nice cup of hot tea and started Jane’s TIAS (Tat It And See). I’ve never participated in one of these before, but it looks like fun. Plus the added factor of doing it “with” other tatters is appealing. Jane has already posted the first samples on her TIAS blog. Here is my attempt at Day 1. I have no idea where this is headed.

In the introduction to her TIAS, Jane recommends at least three shuttles, and five if you don’t want to wind and unwind, and three colors of thread that ‘get along’ with each other. I have located four empty shuttles and started emptying the fifth. Just to make it easier on myself you understand. As we have no idea how much thread is going to be needed it’s hard to know how full to wind the shuttles. Oh, well, I chose colors I like so I’ll be able to use the left-overs pretty easily. I’ve chosen Lizbeth threads in size 20; Caribbean, Victorian Red and Black. I’ll find out whether that was a good choice or not pretty soon, I suppose.

Other than that, I have three projects I need to work on. The most pressing is a Christmas gift that I didn’t have time to do. I had to give them an IOU – to our Pastor and his wife! Every year I make them a table runner – material for the center, with tatted edgings. They really look forward to them *warm fuzzy feeling* but I just ran out of time this year. So that will be my main project, hopefully finished in a couple of weeks. (Hey, I dream up new edgings for this every year. This time I have a very ambitious one that I hope works out!) I’ll post about it when it’s done.

The second project is for my sister. She gave me some material that she has collected, to use for runners. A couple of pieces she really likes and wouldn’t mind a runner of her own. As she does so much for me (and she has a birthday coming up) I thought I should make her one. I’ll start it right after I finish the one for the Pastor and his wife.

The third project is *head hangs in shame* something I started for my sister and her husband a long time ago and never finished. A table cloth – in size 30 thread! Why, oh why did I do that?? Actually, I tried to find a pattern I liked and do it in size 10, but I never liked any of those that I saw. So, what else could I do but come up with my own pattern, which looked wonderful in size 30? It’s been a running joke that I give it to them, enlarged each year (mostly), at Christmas and then they give it back so I can work on it. I really think it’s time I just get it done, once and for all. Well, okay, it might take several months, but I’ve got it out, my shuttles are wound and I have some motivation for it. Wish me luck!

9 thoughts on “First Tatting Tea Tuesday of 2010”

  1. I feel your pain about the tablecloth! Every six months or so I think I'm inspired to do something that big, then part way through I lose steam…

    TIAS is looking good so far! Guess we both did something right since they look the same. Ha! Can't wait for the next installment.

  2. Your T.I.A.S. looks so good in Lizbeth Caribbean! I just finished mine and am waiting for the scanner to warm up to upload the photo.

    What a great start for 2010 and TTT to be able to sit down and enjoy a T.I.A.S. Isn't Jane the most clever and thoughtful lady ever?

    As ever, thanks for joining in the TTT fun. I enjoy reading your posts and can't wait to see what you will be working on next.

    Sending positive thoughts your way to help propel your projects along. You can do it!

  3. Lovely TTT pic! As others, I couldn't do that much tatting in a life-time. I like small projects & I guess the almost instant gratification. It's all I can do to get a hanky edging or collar done. LOL!

  4. Wow! You are really generous! If I ever start and complete my goal of making a tatted tablecloth I am NOT giving that thing away!!! Are you kidding me?!? LOL! I just couldn't part with that much work on something.

    You are just like me with the tablecloth thoughts on thread size…if I do one it'll have to be in size 10 and it's so hard to find a pattern that looks nice in that size…I may settle for size 20, that's not so bad, but 10? That's a little more challenging to find the "right" pattern, I agree with you!

    I look forward to seeing everyone's TIAS! I have really been wanting to do one of Jane's, but I am just wayyy too tired to tat right now, seriously, that's pretty tired! LOL!

  5. Holy smokes – I thought I was energetic just adding the 25-motif challenge to my schedule on top of work. You are kind to give your hard work away!

    It's crummy here today – blowing snow everywhere and dropping temps. And then we're back into the 20's next week. Ugh.

    Good luck on all your projects – winter is the best time to do them, right?!

    (P.S. My birthday is in July.)

  6. You know Steph, I really like doing small projects, too. I like getting done and having results soon! Big projects take a lot more commitment!

    I've been a little slow on a few days of my TIAS but it has been fun hasn't it Isdihara? A nice project to have a cup of tea with. Thanks for all the positive thoughts for getting my projects done, I'm going to need them!

    Krystle, it may take the rest of my life if I don't get busy with it! I just have to knuckle down and finish it!

    I don't have too many UFOs, but what I have are big ones! I'm hoping this is the year!

    TattingChic, I actually started the tablecloth in size 10 – several times with different patterns. But they never looked quite right so I would start over. I really didn't think it through about just how much time and work would go into this. It's like taking a plate at dinner when you're eyes are bigger than your stomach – I think I bit off almost more than I could chew!
    The TIAS is fun, wish you felt good enough to join us. Hoping you feel better soon!

    Thanks, Katie. And hankie edgings and collars can take awhile, too!

    Thanks, Tatskool!

    Only energetic if I get it done, Cindy! And I can think of word other than kind, it starts with an "S"! The weather was nasty and now we are in for a few nice days, whoo hooo! Thanks for the good wishes, I need them. July, huh? LOL!

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