Tatting Tea Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

I’m having tea in Washington, D.C today.
What am I doing there, you ask? Well, one of my daughters was having surgery and I came out to help for a few days. The surgery was nothing serious – if you can call any surgery not serious – but she would be down for a few days and the grandbaby is not quite one year old. Can you imagine trying to keep up with an eleven month old when you’re supposed to take it easy? Not possible! So I flew out to help her out.
The surgery went well, so at least that is now off our minds. And she’s getting along pretty well, which is great. And being here with the baby is lots of fun. Okay, I love seeing my daughter and son-in-law, too, but babies are babies and they don’t stay that way very long. You gotta grab the chances when you can to enjoy them!

I haven’t had a lot of time to tat – the baby moves pretty fast, gotta keep up – but I did get a couple of hearts made, one on the plane on the way out. I’m doing these hearts for Heather at the Tarnished Tatter. She has a friend, Tracy, who is having a double mastectomy on November 11. Heather is a great friend, helping out in a wonderful way. She has designed a tatted heart which she invites others to make and send to her so she can give them to Tracy with words of encouragement before and after the surgery. I’m sending these to her to help out.

I’m counting this as my second motif in my second round of the 25 Motif Challenge.

I’m hoping to see a few of the sights while I’m here in DC. So far I haven’t really been out of the house yet, but I’ll be here for a little more than a week. The other night when I got in it was raining, besides being late. There is suppose to be some sun before I go, and I’m hoping there will be some of the fall colors left, too.

Whether I see very much of the area or not, at least I get to visit with the family for a little while. That definately makes the trip great!

8 thoughts on “Tatting Tea Tuesday in Washington, D.C.”

  1. This thread is very pretty. Amazing you got these tatted while looking after a little one! They are so endearing, yet so demanding of our time and attention at this age! A joy that makes one very tired, I find!
    Fox : )

  2. Enjoy DC and the grandbaby! Glad your daughter is fine and the surgery went well.

    The hearts look great – pretty colors. I sent some off today too, only I forgot to take a couple of pictures first. What a nice gesture from a wonderful friend – I hope the hearts bring Tracy some smiles.

  3. Thanks, Cindy. So far the trip has been very good. I'm glad I was able to make it out, she definately can use the help. I think Heather is a great friend to make those hearts for Tracy.

    Thanks, Fox. I realized as I read this that I hadn't said what they were made it (Lizbeth Grape Pizzaz in size 20). And no, I'm not getting much tatting done, but having lots of fun. The baby is such a joy!

    Heather, the hearts are leaving in the mail today. I hope they get there in time.

    Yes, victats, it is a nice pattern. They were fun and easy to make – which is what I need right now!

    A great trip so far, LadyShuttleMaker. And I'll give him a kiss for you – and lots from me!!

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