Grandma’s tea cup and a new bookmark

Today for Tatting Tea Tuesday I used a cup and saucer that belonged to my grandmother, the one who taught me to tat. I’ve always loved this golden tea set. It looks so rich and elegant. And it really looks good with that bookmark, don’t you think?

The bookmark is new this week. The center is entwined together before it’s joined at the last clover. I’ve seen something like it somewhere but I don’t remember where. Thank you, who ever you are, for a great idea. My husband really likes the look.

This one is made with Lizbeth thread “Springtime” in size 20. And it does look like springtime! I also made one in Lizbeth “Caribbean” with black on the outside. That looked pretty good, too.

This should be #25 of my 25 Motif Challenge. That is a wonderful site. They gather together what other bloggers have done, which is great so you don’t miss some wonderful work. I might just have to start it again!

I hope everyone had a few minutes to enjoy a little tatting and a cup of tea. It really is a great idea.

10 thoughts on “Grandma’s tea cup and a new bookmark”

  1. Hi Wanda!

    First – CONGRATULATIONS on achieving your 25th Motif! I love the bookmark and the BEAUTIFUL heirloom cup from your grandmother – how special!

    You and I have both used Springtime and Caribbean recently! (Great minds …?) I intend to put the Caribbean edging on another T-shirt, like the one I just posted a few minutes ago! (I received your comment on my blog just as I was submitting the new post!)
    I'm delighted with both of those colorways!

    I enjoy your blog. Your tatting is beautiful and creative, and you've been very generous with writing out pattern instructions, also! Will you go for another round of the Challenge? I'm feeling more relaxed this time around, although I have so much yet to learn about Blogger! I am still intimidated by it, and don't feel I have as much control as I'd like, especially since I know nothing about HTML code (and don't really want to learn it!)

    I have more photos to show of other lakes in our area. Now that we're retired we're discovering new places we've never visited before!

  2. That bookmark is so pretty! Love the design and the thread…it all works so well together!

    Where did you get the pattern, again? I didn't quite catch that…maybe I need to read it again..did you make it up or get it from somewhere? I'd love to tat it up sometime…that is why I ask. šŸ™‚

    ~TattingChic ā™„

  3. Thanks, Kathy! Great minds, I like that so let's go with that šŸ™‚ I'm glad you like my blog, I love to share my tatting with anyone who cares to listen – or read. I do think I'll do the 25 Motif Challenge again, it's fun and keeps me motivated. I really enjoyed your pictures of places you've been going. I'm looking forward to more.

    Thanks for creating such a nice communmi-tea, Isdihara. It's nice to be a part of it every week.

    Thanks, TattingChic! I saw the idea somewhere else but this is what I came up with myself. I'm going through the pattern trying to write it out and plan on posting it when it makes sense!

  4. WOW I LOVE Lizbeth cotton and I too have Springtime and have crocheted lovely little hearts for my CQing. Soon will have tatted motifs of my own too!!! You do lovely tatting my dear.

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