Grandson is visiting!

No pictures today – too busy. My daughter from Omaha is here with the grandson! Woo-hoo!

Haven’t seen them since May and he has changed soooo much! He’s crawling and has two teeth.

They’re going to be here for a week, so I doubt I’ll get much tatting done. If I do accomplish anything with thread and shuttle I’ll try and post it. Maybe at breaks at work I can do a little…

Okay, he’s doing more cute stuff, gotta stop and watch. Everyone have a good week!

9 thoughts on “Grandson is visiting!”

  1. Thanks Diane. Have fun with yours tomorrow!

    Oh, you betcha, Cindy! They're more fun than your own kids – if it's too much give 'em back to their mom LOL! They're great, don't get to see enough of them.

  2. Enjoy your grandchild. We had grandson with us (and his mum) for two weeks and really got to know him. By the time he left at 8 months he also had 2 teeth and was almost crawling (encouraged by me!!) and went home to be a menace.LOL

  3. Oh, Tatskool, 8 months, that's how old my grandson is! He already has two teeth and crawling everywhere! They stayed a few more days than planned but are going home tomorrow. Don't know when we'll see him again as they are moving to D.C. in about a month 🙁 That's quite a bit farther away than they are now.

  4. oh Tattridy, it's a shame that they are far away isn't it, we miss so much.
    Our parents only saw their grandchildren twice a year too as they had to cross the water to get here, rather than just being able to get in the car and drive, and air travel was so expensive in those days.

  5. We've certainly been checking on airfair and distance, Tatskool. I'm hoping we can see them a little more frequently than that, but I'll take that if that's all we can get. And,hey, we all have web cams – hurray for modern technology! Not the same, but much better than just pictures!

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