Coasters for Tatting Tea Tuesday

The coasters are done! Okay, a day late. But I wasn’t going to be able to give them to my daughter until later in the week, so I was safe!
I think they came out pretty good. They were made with Handy Hands Lizbeth thread size 20 in varigated green #144 and dark red # 670. I’m calling this #21 of my 25 Motif Challenge.

It’s amazing how the varied color combinations make them each look so different, don’t you think?

I was going to set my cup of tea on one for a visual of their use, but it didn’t work out. I ran out of time.

For anyone that’s interested, here’s the pattern. WARNING: there may be mistakes lurking. Tat at your own risk.

Shay’s Birthday Coasters

Round 1 2 shuttles Make all picots small, for joining only

Sht1 R 6-6. R 6-6. RW Ch 9 DNRW Sht2 R 6-6 DNRW Sht1 Ch 9 RW

*Sht1 6+6 to p of prev R. R 6-6. RW Ch 9 DNRW Sht2 R 6-6. DNRW Sht1 Ch 9 RW*

Repeat between * 8 times, last time join last R to first R. Cut, finish ends as desired.

Round 2 Shuttle and ball. Joining picots indicated as j, others longer as desired.

R 6+6 to any Sht2 R of prev round. RW. Ch 10 RW. R 2-2-2-2j-8 RW

Ch 6-2–2-2+ to 4th p of prev R Ch10 RW.

Repeat from beginning of round 2 all the way around, join to base of first R. Cut, finish ends as desired.

9 thoughts on “Coasters for Tatting Tea Tuesday”

  1. Your coasters turned out great! I really like how the color combinations give each one a different look. Thanks for sharing the pattern too. Now I can try! πŸ˜€

  2. Very nice! I like them attached to the denim – seems more 'modern' or something. Did you do anything special to the denim before you added the tatting? Your daughter will love them!

  3. Thanks, LadyShuttleMaker.

    Thanks, TattingChic, they do look good together.

    Thanks, Cindy. No, I just washed an old pair of my husband's that needed lots of repair.

    Thanks, Isdihara. Let me know how they come out if you try it.

  4. Thanks, Elizabeth, and you're welcome!

    Thanks, TattingChic, I hope some of your recent luck on winning rubs off on me!

    Thanks, Paula C. I used sewing thread of the color of the tatting thread and just caught a join or thread. The backs aren't very pretty! I trace around a CD as a pattern to cut the denim. My daughter thought they were great.

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