An angel, a bookmark and some buffalo

My little angel didn’t have to wait a week to get her wings, or her body either.
I finished her a couple of days ago. She has a little boo-boo on one of her
wings because I wasn’t careful with my scissors, but I think she’ll be okay.
This is the first pattern I ever came up with on my own, and after almost 20 years I made
the first real modification to it. I lengthened the skirt and made the wings a little wider.
This angel has been made a lot for Christmas decorations, sending warm thoughts to people
that needed a little lift, and just for the fun of making them.
The blue angel on the right is from the original pattern. The one one the left is with the change.
I know it looks a little pink but it’s actually ecru! Both are in DMC size 30.

I guess I haven’t gotten off the bookmark kick from trying to come up with one for the InTatters bookmark exchange. This is what I was aiming for to begin with in the exchange, but kept trying too hard. I like both this one and the one I sent. This is made with Manuela size 20

thread in blues #008 and #019. Now I have a gift ready for the next time I need a little something to send in a card!

No, I didn’t tat any buffalo, I just took their picture. These are American Bison, raised by a man across the section from us. My husband and I happened to drive by last week and see them so I took a picture. I don’t know if you can make them out or not, but the lighter colored ones are the babies. I know these look small, but they are very impressive up close. The bulls get to about six feet at the hump and are very massive.

I was planning on posting yesterday, but we actually had a day off from work(!!). And being Father’s Day we actually went to see our fathers and then went to our daughter’s for supper. Itwas a very full day, but a lot of fun!

And now I am off to finish (I hope!) my butterfly for the InTatters butterfly exchange.

8 thoughts on “An angel, a bookmark and some buffalo”

  1. Wow, buffalo are certainly not a common sighting these days. That is kinda cool that the man you live nearby raises them.

    Your bookmark design is just beautiful! That is too bad your angel suffered a boo-boo on her wing. I think I've done something like that once with my scissors…once is enough, too! LOL!

  2. Thank you, victats!

    Not too common around here either, TattingChic, but they are neat to watch. I'm glad you like the bookmark. And the angel has forgiven me for the boo-boo.

    Thanks, Diane, I'm glad you like the angel and bookmark. Hmm, I don't know that I'm a good enough designer to come up with a buffalo, but it would be cool!

    Thanks, Fox! I'm partial to blues, too.

    Thanks, LadyShuttleMaker! Yes, watching the buffalo is fun, especially the babies!

    Thank you, Jon. I'm happy you stopped by.

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