Tatting lessons

Remember about a month ago I mentioned a group meeting at the extension office, Hook Yarn and Needle? Their last meeting for three months was this last Thursday. They had asked me if I would teach them how to shuttle tat.

So I have had a month to organize how to teach shuttle tatting for an unknown number of students. Oh, boy!

I really didn’t think that everyone there would want to try, and the ones that planned on it would probably bring a shuttle of one type or another. But there may be one or two that didn’t plan on it so I had to plan on it.

I didn’t want to buy new shuttles for that contingency and I didn’t want to give up my shuttles – I wouldn’t mind someone using them, but what if they wanted to take it home?

Okay, okay, it was really because most of my shuttles have thread on them and I didn’t want to have to unwind them – small thread isn’t what I recommend to learn with. Sooo..

I made cardboard shuttles. See?

I made four and they worked quite well.

One person there had bought shuttles for her daughters to learn but hadn’t gotten one for herself, so she used one. The other we used for ball thread because a lady was having trouble with tension on her left hand. I thought a little extra weight might help to keep the thread around her left hand.

I took a ball of turquoise thread for shuttle thread and wrapped red thread around note cards for ball thread, both in size 10. It was a nice contrast of colors so the double stitches were very easy to recognize when they “flipped”, or didn’t as the
case may be.

I had four students at one time and they all did great!

The one lady with the tension problem had to leave early without it being resolved but she was beginning to see what the stitch should be doing. I sent her a list of websites with “how to’s” and my phone number so she can call me if she needs help.

The other three were able to make rings and chains and picots, and one of them made a nice length of rings and chains with the rings joined. It was even done front side/back side! I was very happy with their progress.

I had a display laid out of some of my tatted pieces which was very well received. I also had laid out a variety of books so they could see more of what could be done with tatting.

It turned out to be a really productive day. I wish I could show you pictures from the day, except I never took any. I had my camera, I just never got it out of the bag!

We had a wonderful weekend here, with gorgeous weather. We spent a lot of time outside, both getting things done around the yard and sitting around visiting friends and neighbors.

Here in the states we celebrated Memorial Day today, a day in which we honor those who have died, our loved ones as well as our veterans who gave their all for their country. Our flag flies at half mast to honor the fallen. Cemeteries everywhere are decorated with flowers and flags. It’s also a day of picnics and trips to the lake. May we always remember why this day is set aside and not loose it’s meaning in the fun of the start of summer.
God Bless America!

8 thoughts on “Tatting lessons”

  1. It sounds like you had a lot of fun! I’ve wondered how well cardboard shuttles work. I know I’ve seen free patterns for them online, but I didn’t try them because I was afraid they wouldn’t hold up.

    I love your doily! Did you sew the edging on afterwards? I have so much fabric lying around; this might be a good way to some of it up!

  2. That is very cool that you made shuttles to teach tatting. Good for you for spreading the tatting ‘love’!

    The tatted edging around that round doily is just beautiful! 🙂

  3. Wow – Good for you! Sounds like you created a terrific learning environment for these four. They learned so much in such a short period of time. Where were you when I needed you!!! : )) Fox

  4. Thanks, Fox. It was a fun experience for all of us (I hope!)I was very excited with how fast they picked it up.
    I would have been glad to teach you, too, Fox!

    The shuttles did work out a lot better than I expected, TattingChic. I was glad I had brought them.
    I’m glad you like the edging.

    Well, Diane, I’m not sure how well the cardboard shuttles hold up, but they held up very well for the time we used them. I will definitely make them just a little narrower for next time, though.
    Yes, the tatting was sewn on after it was made. I make table runners this way also.

  5. I’m VERY impressed that you taught four students at one time, and very successfully! Glad you used the two colors so they could see the flip. I always demonstrate that way. It was also clever to use the cardboard shuttles.

    I love the doily edging, and I notice you have a red, white and blue photo composition there – plus a nice mention of Memorial Day. I definitely agree with your sentiments.

  6. I was very surprised myself, Kathy. To have that much progress in so little time was amazing. Things just ‘clicked’.
    I wish I could say I planned the photo that way, but I hadn’t noticed the color combonation. But it certainly fits the day.

  7. How wonderful that you are teaching four new students to tat. That’s so cool that you made the shuttles for them to use.

    The doily with the shuttles on display is very nice.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. It is pretty cool, Carol. I used one of the shuttles last night for a part that just needed a little thread, not too bad! I’m glad you like the doily.

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