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InTatters is having a bookmark exchange and I joined it. I’ve never done an exchange before, so I’m very excited about this. I’ve been trying to decide which pattern and which thread to do it in. I’ve made several but I have not been happy with any of them.

This one is pretty good and was my first attempt. It was going pretty good when at the end I pulled the thread up at the end – and the thread broke! It left just a few fuzzy little strands, not enough to weave into any ds. I used the other tail to work it in somewhat, but I don’t trust them not to come out again. I will probably put a touch of glue there to keep it from coming out, but it doesn’t meet the standard of a gift.

I have done a couple other bookmarks that I will share another time – they don’t meet the standard, either, but aren’t too bad. But I don’t like the way my blog decides where the pictures go (instead of me) so I’ll post them at a different time. I WILL learn how to set this blog up better, some time. I just need to know where I can find some of that time. I seem to be very short of it right now.

With a deep breath and a prayer I look for the family to be done with hospital visits for awhile. Both my mother and my DH’s mother are both home and doing well. My father is doing better but the doctor said he can’t go home but needs to be moved to a convalescence home. This will be hard on everyone but a relief in many ways. He has been getting weaker and more confused lately. Now the doctor gets to be the bad guy instead of the family for telling him he’d have to go to a home.

But this means that I won’t have much time for me for awhile. I’ve been taking a few minutes here and there to visit other’s blogs and InTatters, but not really enough time to get pictures ready and post. I hope to get the other bookmarks up in a few days. Wouldn’t that be nice?

And tatting is so portable I can take it with me almost anywhere. So I have hope in getting a few things done. Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “Fun with Bookmarks”

  1. Sorry to read about your dad. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you. Glad that your mom and DH’s mom are doing better, though. My thoughts are with you through this tough time.

  2. Your bookmark is gorgeous! Pretty color and pattern. I am wondering where you got such a pretty pattern? Is it off the internet or out of a book?

    BTW, I find that if I need to move a photo in Blogger I can click on it and drag it to where I want it and drop it there while in compose mode. Hope that helps.

  3. Your tatting is beautiful! It is overwhelming to try and choose a pattern and thread with so much available! Maybe that’s why I tend to stick with the few patterns I love!

    I’m sorry to read that there are so many health problems in your family right now. Maybe with the spring weather everyone will start feeling better. A little sunshine can be an amazing cure!

  4. Thanks, Tatting Chic. I’m pretty sure it’s out of a book, I just don’t remember which one – I found and old bookmark I’d done and did it again.
    Thanks for the Blogger tip, I’ll try it.

    Thank you, Steph, for your kind words. I really appreciate them.

    Thanks, Diane. I just keep thinking THAT pattern would look good or that one would be fun…
    Yes, I’m hoping that things have finally settled down for a little while. We’re taking things one step at a time.

  5. Sorry about your dad. Glad to hear you mom and husband are better though. Stuff like this is never easy. Hang in there.

    Beautiful bookmark! Wow a bookmark exchange sounds like fun! Now I am off to check out InTatters.


  6. Thanks, Shirl, I appreciate your thoughts on my folks.

    Yes, the bookmark exchange is fun. It’s turned out to be a big hit, so I expect more is in the future.

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