Too tired to tat, oh dear!

The last several weeks I have just been too tired to tat. My brain just couldn’t stay focused enough to accomplish anything! I was chosen to work on a special project at work which required me to change shifts for a few weeks. Instead of starting at 3:30 PM and working ’til midnight I had to work from 6:00 AM to 2:30 PM. I’m getting too old to appreciate the change!

So I thought I would share a project my sister and I did together as few years ago. This is the skirt of a pillow case doll. My sister made the doll and the dress, then did the embroidery work of the lady’s top and parts of the umbrella. She used pearl beads on the brim of the bonnet. Then I tatted the skirt, the brim of the umbrella and the little accents to each side.

One really nice thing about DMC is that you can match embroidery floss with the Cebelia tatting thread. The lady is in green because we both just happened to have those colors. We both really enjoyed this, so made another one in blue so we could each have one.

Next week I go back to my regular hours so I’m hoping I won’t be so tired. I have to get those booties done!

5 thoughts on “Too tired to tat, oh dear!”

  1. Look at that tatted skirt! It’s beautiful! That is a fabulous thing about DMC!!! I’ve noticed that before. Now that I’m dying to get into Crazy Quilting I’ll probably try some of that matching embroidery floss/tatting thread. I’m really aching to dust off my rusty embroidery skills.

    Lovely work! It’s inspiring! 🙂

  2. Thankyou, TattingChic. CQ is something I’ve also wanted to try, but I always seem to have too many other things to do. I think I’ll get there eventually. I’d love to see what you do when you get started.

    Thanks, Carol, and yes, we each got one. The other one is blue.

    Diane, my sister is very talented with a sewing machine and with an embroidery needle (and in the kitchen and …)My husband was given a pair of pillow cases from his grandmother and I asked her to make pillow case dolls for our girls so they could each have something from their great grandmother.

    Thanks, I’m glad you like it Valerie.

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