Motifs # 9 & #10

Yes, Christmas is over but the ‘snow’ is still here. These are two snowflakes I made before we took the tree down. The white one is, of course, Micheal’s snowflake,made with DMC size 10 with silver beads. The red one is one I designed a few weeks earlier, in DMC size 10. It’s a maroon color, not red, with white pearl beads. These are #9 & #10 motifs for the 25 motif challenge. If you look back through my blog I know the last motif was labeled as #6 but I went through all of it and found I mis-counted. There are eight previous motifs and now ten all together.

I have been working on a doily lately, but I’m not very happy with it. I’ve done several nice bits and pieces in it, but over all it’s not very pleasing to the eye, too haphazard from round to round. But it’s something to play with. I have printed off several patterns that have been mentioned recently on eTatters that I plan on making, but I haven’t decided on the thread I want to use with them. I might just have to get some new thread. Yeah, like the thread shopping is going to break my heart!

We are counting down the days to the next grandbaby. My oldest daughter is due in 14 days! She’s very ready for him to get here. He’s been very active, not letting her forget that he’s there. This daughter is in Wichita, much closer to us, so it will only take a little less than an hour to get there when she says it’s time. I keep a phone with me at all times! Another baby, oh boy, oh boy!!

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  1. I fell in love with the red one with white beads.. Due to moving cross country and retiring this past year- I -HORRORS- haven’t tatted in over a year… how can this be?? and no snowflakes were given for card gifts this year šŸ™ Could you share the pattern for this one.. I feel such a desire to do it multiple times playing with thread colors and beads.. Thank you for the pleasure of your blog!!

  2. Thank you, JulenaJo. The white one was designed by Michael (on eTatters, also see his picture on the sidebar of my blog). The maroon one I designed and haven’t posted the pattern, yet.

    Oh,no, Hope, over a year since you’ve tatted! That needs to be rectified! Yes, I will see about posting the pattern soon, if it gets the shuttle back in your hand!

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