Small Christmas tree pattern

A few days ago I posted a picture of a small Christmas tree ornament. I was asked if I would share the pattern. Well, here it is! I’ve tried looking it over for mistakes and to make it understandable. Please give it a try, and let me know if you have any questions or if you find a problem.

Two Shuttles
R 3-6—6-3. RW
CH 4-3—3-4. DNRW
R 3-3-3-3. R 3 + to 3rd p of prev R 4 –2—2- 4-3. R 3+ to 3rd p of prev R 3-3-3. DNRW
CH 4-3—3-4. RW
R 3-6+ to 2nd p of 1st R 6-3 RW
R 3-6—6-3. DNRW
CH 4-3—3-4. DNRW
Repeat from Clover 2 times except
Top Clover 2nd R 3+ 4 – 2 (very long p) 2- 2 + to very long p 4-3.
Last repeat join CH to base of 1st R. RW
Split R Sht2 9
Sht1 9 close. DNRW
R 9-9.
Joint to base of previous R.

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