New baby and tatting




The last week I’ve been spending a lot of time with my new grandson, Mercutio. He’s quite the sweetie! So far he’s keeping his mom, dad and grandma entertained by making the cutest faces and noises. It’s awfully hard to put him down even when he’s sleeping. But once in awhile it’s best to leave him on his own and I have done a little tatting. I don’t have very many choices for thread colors as we left in kinda of a hurry so I have been making due.
Both of these snowflakes I came up with this week just doodling. I really like the blue and green one. These two are #3 & #4 of the 25 motif challenge. I’ve done several things that I had wanted to add to the challenge but forgot to say so.
The other picture is, of course, Mercutio at six days old. He was sitting in a swing watching the world go by. And we were sitting watching him. Grandma could do that a lot. Thanks for all the good wishes from everyone. I have been reading the comments but haven’t been taking the time to answer. Too busy being Grandma (I seem to be the only one to get him to burp…)!
(I’m still new at this blogging thing and can’t seem to get the pictures right where I want them yet. I’ll learn.)

8 thoughts on “New baby and tatting”

  1. Why not an ornament for his window? Why wait for Christmas?

    He looks absolutely precious. Are they going to call him Mercutio (I love that name) or are they going to use a nickname?

  2. CONGRATULATIONS from one grandma to another!!! He is sooo precious! And they grow so fast. I can sure relate to wanting to hold the all the time! I feel that way around my new grand daughter (already over a month old, sheesh talk about warp drive!). It is hard to put them down. They are sooo precious.
    I do LOVE your green n blue snowflake. Did you happen to make a pattern for it? LOL as if you have had time đŸ˜‰ They both are really pretty. I have to admit though I like the green n blue one best!
    Congratulations again Grandma!!!

  3. Well Grandma the snowflakes look great and did you not know that grandmothers are given special skills like the only one who can make the baby burp. Enjoy your visit.

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