Celtic tatting

Well, I finally tried it. I’ve been admiring Celtic tatting for a while but never took the time to do it. So, last night I got out Tatting for Pleasure, by Rosemarie Peel, and tried the Celtic motif. It’s just a little thing but it took me awhile. I kept joining the chain on the wrong side. But I prevailed! It will look good as a pin, I think. Now I’ve done one (small) thing I am ready to try something a little harder.

Our youngest daughter is pregnant and expecting any day now. When she calls and tells me she thinks it’s time I’ll be heading up to Omaha to be with them for a little while. I’ve got my suitcase mostly packed and most of my tatting handy so I can grab them in a moment’s notice. This is her first baby and our first grandbaby. I’m only a little excited(!!!) I have vacation set aside and permission to leave when necessary and the bills caught up and…. Her husband is in the Air Force, stationed at Offutt. That’s only a little more than five hours away. It might seem farther when I go up there but there are places I wouldn’t be able to get to at all so I’m not complaining. So for now I’ll take a deep breath and keep the phone handy.

5 thoughts on “Celtic tatting”

  1. I love your little motif. I have done some Celtic tatting to and I have fallen in love with it myself. I’m finding it hard to find Rosmary Peels books. I know that I have one of her books, but would like more if there are still more out there. I have always loved green and blue together.

  2. Thanks, tattingchic. I’m pretty happy with it.
    I agree with you barbara, I’m partial to “peacock” colors. This is the only Rosemary Peel book I have, and one of the first times I’ve tried anything out of it. For being so leary about trying Celtic tatting I’ve liked what I’ve done so far.

  3. The book I have is 20 TATTED MOTIFS by Rosemarie Peel. I got it off of eBay, so I guess that place isn’t to bad! For my 25 Motif challenge I am going to working on some of the things from there. The first thing I started on has a bad goof up in it already and I have to start over 🙁 I love the lessons that I am learing from my mistakes though.

  4. Cute little motif. It looks hard for the size. I love the celtic tatting patterns, too. I did the snowflake from Ruth and even though I messed it up, I still liked what I ended up with. Can’t wait for more of her designs.

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