Crochet doily

Rainbow Rose Connie had a challenge to determine if a doily was crochet or tatting (top picture). I thought it was a pretty doily so thought I would try to come up with something close. Mine is made with DMC Cebelia size 20 colors #955 & 992 and 4mm silver beads. It obviously is smaller than the crocheted one, too. I didn’t want to use any larger thread or make the rings any bigger. I like it but there are few things I would definately do differently if I did it again!

7 thoughts on “Crochet doily”

  1. Lovely work! LOL! Isn’t that funny that it was crochet? Hard to tell unless you could see the DS up close (or lack of DS) or understand the dynamics of thread placement in tatting vs. crochet.

  2. Oh Wanda!!!! How BEAUTIFUL!!! I DEFINITELY like yours better!!! Did you happen to copy down the pattern you did? I would SURE LOVE to get it from you! I also really LOVE the colors you used. I just sent off for my first tatting thread order, I can’t wait to get it.
    JUST STUNNING Wanda!!!!

    Oh do you mind if I copy your photo to paste on one of my other blogs? (Giving you full credit of course!!!)

  3. Thank You! Yes, I wrote down the pattern, I’ll see about posting it in a couple of days. I would be honored to have you show it on your other blogs – I’ve been there and like what you have.

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